In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that all have “…certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.”  Employers who  allow health-harming behavior in their workplaces are enabling bullies to operate with impunity.  Workplace bullying is unethical, but not illegal.  Existing civil rights laws in the U.S. protect those who fall under protected classes such as race, religion, gender and national origin (among others).  Workplace bullying is status-blind harassment and is not covered by current state or federal civil rights laws.  This needs to change!  Advocating for legislation such as the Healthy Workplace Bill is a great place for concerned workers to start.

The mission of  this website is to:

  • Help people recognize the signs and symptoms of a toxic workplace;
  • Bring to light how workplace bullying affects the health of targets;
  • Advocate for laws making bullies & employers accountable for bullying behavior;
  • Give support to those who have been bullied;
  • Recruit people like YOU to help make this mission a success!

Below is a video by Gary Namie, Director of the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) and the National Director at WBI’s Legislative Campaign. In the video, Dr. Namie gives a clear, brief message describing workplace bullying:

The next video is from Valerie Cade, author of the book “Bully Free at Work.” In the video, she talks about working with workplace bullies as opposed to “difficult” people.


38 comments on “Mission

  1. Amen Phyllis! I too will be helping to further these goals in my state. It is on the back burner of our state now. But I will be heard! I worked in the healthcare field for 13yrs and was bullied for two years. I asked my supervisors, HR and finally my CEO for help. I was fired within a week of contacting my CEO. There were no policies within my company to protect the targets of this horrible scenario.

    I actually cried when I listened to Gary Namie described workplace bullying. His description was right on target with what I went through. I am a administrator for a closed site against workplace bullying now.

    • Funny. If you get bad service at a restaurant, no one hesitates to name the business so that others can avoid it and thus motivate the business to change in the only way businesses know how—by being hurt in the pocketbook. And yet, NO ONE NAMES these businesses they accuse of the utmost cruelty! I want to know! Unless one is lying, why would one spare me a bad experience at a restaurant I MIGHT go to otherwise but not a company with a CEO who fires you for reporting two years of abuse? I do NOT want to do business with such a company! Why do you protect the organization? Why not name them if you didn’t remain anonymous in the reporting? Do we think ‘naming’ a business that rewards bullies and punishes targets is ‘wrong’? I don’t ever want my daughters to work in such a place either. I don’t care if the ‘actual’ bully is now gone, etc. I want to help change workplace bullying by voting with my pocketbook. Even if the only thing I accomplish is to continue to be able to look myself in the mirror. So tell me: outabully@icloud.com

      • I work for a top NYC law firm and if I name them, I am out of a job. I’ve been surviving a workplace bully’s disgusting behavior for a long time. When the hell is NY going to get with the program and pass the healthily workplace legislation? That’s the real question here. I am sure others are in the same boat. Out the company turning a blind eye and you’re out of a job.

      • The last I heard NY could be the closest state to passing the Healthy Workplace Bill. Contact your legislators and voice your concerns.

      • I already have and not just my reps, ALL of them! I have been utilizing family leave to fend off the bully and it has worked for me. It gave me control of my situation. When I need time, I take it, whether its a day, half day, or 15 minutes late because I has a panic attack on the train thinking about work. I am surprised that FMLA is not promoted as a helpful tool.

    • Amen again! Please go to your state senate and house websites. Right now I am researching a bill for the state of Florida that is called “Abusive Workplace Environments bill”. It is SB 308 and HB 149. These bills provide that employers are held accountable if any type of harrassment takes part in the workplace and they are aware of it. Currently for the state of Florida their is no bill that addresses this type of harrassment so I will be backing this bill untill it is passed, and if it does not pass I will be contacting my state representatives to see why it did not pass.

    • There is a link in the right sidebar where you can subscribe to the blog. You will receive an email whenever new posts occur. And thank you for your comment!! 🙂

  2. It is important for people to realize that bullying can even happen to adults in the workplace. OnlineCEUcredit.com/edu/bullying/ttt offers great tips on how to deal with bullying.

  3. How do I get my workplace involved and see what a toxic environment we are attempting to work under? We have so many people in management that are totally clueless as to how to help their employees understand this uncivil behavior in nursing. Help!

  4. I would like to participate in the campaign for the healthy work place bill. Please contact me
    so that I can lend a hand. I myself am tired of
    Bully bosses!

    • Heck yes! The witnesses that see it with their own eyes will often turn on you! People outside of the situation really cannot comprehend it. Only another “target” knows what you go through. It is the most isolating situation for one to deal with. You need to find the support of others, just like any other abuse victum does. They need to find support groups.

    • Co-workers, friends at work, even the “close ones” WILL ( and dont fool yourself) turn against you when questioned about your situation. Even in a court or deposition situation. They will say whatever they must say to Protect Their Jobs or should I say to protect that pay-check. Their families come first. It is sad…but very true and understandable (sort-of). Be ready to forgive and expect your co-workers to listen with compassion and then repeat what you say if it appears to help/protect “their position” . Good advice from me to you…talk to your family about your work issues. Dont talk to your work-friends about your work issues. They will always choose protecting their job-security over you Every Time.

  5. We have to STOP workplace Bullying ! Please help me with my petition ! We can save lives.

    I NEED your help !!! Let’s make a “change” for us, our children and grandchildren ! I’m trying to expose the reality of inhumane, and potentially life threatening treatment of PEOPLE !. I see no reason to say it’s not ok to Bully at school, but it’s ok when your at work !?! Makes no sense to me.. why stop protecting people from this horrendous form of abuse only up to 12th grade ! PLEASE help me get the word out ! Millions of people are Bullied at work too and it’s NOT ok… ANYwhere, ANYtime, or for ANY reason ! Please ask friends and family to help as well. Chances are, our loved ones (or you) have either been Bullied or know someone who has …PLEASE SIGN and pass this on. We need as many signatures as we can possibly get ! …. THANK YOU SO MUCH …. Let’s make history TOGETHER ! Beth Poore *I support “The Healthy Workplace Bill” !

    • Dear Beth, I am a victim. 58 years old. Was one of the “Big bosses”. Served the corporation for many loyal years. I am a tough, attractive woman. Kind, reasonable, forgiving, sensible. Brought an area of need for re-construction to the owner (whom I admired, respected and vice-versa) who took my intent to improve as a threat of whistle blowing. The rest is history. I watched the politics unfold, the games, the degradation, humiliation, which when the owner passed out the “permission slip”…became the popular thing to do toward me. Children have to go to school. This is why there is a law that is helping to protect them. Adults have to go to work. Where are laws to protect us? Can adults be accidentally shoved, touched, cursed at, have our work-spot changed once a week, screamed at, trash dumped on our desk, called out of our names, reprimanded in front of others, criticized and talked about within hearing distance, falsely accussed, excluded from discussions regarding work-solutions, have your computer unplugged so it doesnt work when you come in, missing forms, missing memos, intentional lack of support from team members ? From Employee of the Month to ** Today we will do any and everything we can to crucify you** Beth I am one tough lady, skilled in positive thinking. Not one to run away from controversy. What can I sign? What can I do? What can I say ? To whom can I speak? Where do I go? There is no law, but there will be if I have anything to do with it. I now have ALOT of time to spend on this issue. My name is Lee and I am from San Fernando Valley, CA…area. I have forgiven the culprits and now am very ready to help construct specific boundaries that will be ILLEGAL when crossed. Please respond anxiously waiting. Thank you.

  6. I’m tired of people saying; oh you just need to develop a thick skin. Bull! It is detrimental to our society as a whole when this behavior is accepted in our country today.

  7. Hi,
    My name is Jeannette Jean, I was bullied for 3 years while working as a Nursing Assistant at one of the best Hospital in NYC, I suffer zero health issue- so I’ve created a website to help others deal with the Health Hazards..
    Thank you

  8. This is wonderful to see! Unfortunately too late for me, i was working in a hostile work environment in Harrisburg Pa. I was just completely stunned by what went on there as i had never seen anything like it. In a matter of weeks of working there i developed high blood pressure and got physically sick every morning before work, this environment was caused by the supervisor! Yelling,screaming, things being thrown, name calling etc. Horrible! Her supervisor was on site and a witness, i was in his office many times to no avail. As i was afraid to go up the chain of command i took the first available job that i could find and got out of there! As this was just a few months ago i am sure it is still happening, i was told that she has been there for two years and that is how long this has been going on! I did try to find out if there was an agency that i could go to for help in Pa as i wanted to keep my job-i gave up good pay and benefits for minimum wage and no benefits-and all i was able to find out was that i had to have documented discrimination for any action to be taken.

  9. My hostile workplace situation involved with S.C. has been making sexual and racist comments. Things has been turned inappropriate pretty quickly.
    He is telling me sexual things that he wants to do to me and I am telling him that I just want to talk.
    The worst part is that he told me if I said anything he would make my life a “living hell”.

    He harasses me in ways of threatening my job, calling me at home numerous times to come into work. Calling me a worthless employee, and risking the safety of my other employees. I try to stay out of his way, but it seems like he looks for me.

    He got a new job in Colorado.
    He asked that we forget about everything and told me he hadn’t been avoiding me for the past week.

    To be honest, I just want the whole thing to go away without anyone’s career being impacted.

    There is no reason, ever, to tolerate a hostile work environment. It’s insidious, it’s damaging and it’s unacceptable. I encourage you to stand up to anyone who harasses you and devalues your work. But if your employer hires or keeps on staff someone who thinks it’s okay to treat you like a second-class citizen, that means your company is already broken.

  10. I am unsure of what steps to take to find help on this issue, at this point I really feel helpless but know I can no longer work under these conditions. The manager/boss is the person doing the bullying. There are only 3 of us that work here at a small credit union and 2 of them are management and are best friends even outside of work. I have no one to go to not even the board of directors because she is on the board as well. She never talks to me in a civil manner, threatens my job all the time, and purposely does not include me in any work activities that take place. I am under distress everyday and can barely eat while at work because my stomach is in knots just waiting for her to start yelling and slamming things. What can I do? Do I have any recourse? I am in Michigan if that helps. Thank you for your time.

    • Cindy, I am sorry for your predicament and apologize for not responding sooner. You can contact the Healthy Workplace Bill Coordinator in Michigan at http://www.healthyworkplacebill.org/states/mi/michigan.php#contacts for information on the progress of legislation in your state.

      As for recourse that is currently available, no state has a law that addresses workplace bullying. It is status-blind, legal harassment. Your best bet is to keep a journal of the bullying activities. List the date, time, witnesses present and details of the event. DO NOT KEEP THIS JOURNAL AT YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT! Keep it in a safe place in your home. Get witness statements if you can – sometimes coworkers will cooperate, other times, no. The journal is so you can keep an accurate record if you ever need it for future legal actions or in case you are forced out of your job. It can be useful to build a case of constructive discharge.

      Feel free to email me at stopworkplacebullies@gmail.com if you would like more information. Good luck to you!


  11. I have endured workplace bullying for the last 7 years. At the beginning I contacted our HR’s Employee Relations department and my boss and I were in mediation for a while. When nothing changed, I filed a grievance against my boss and things went further downhill. I am a state employee and thought I had rights that protected me from this outrageous behavior, including retaliation for filing a grievance. I have been demoted several times now, and will be again after the first of the year. How can this continue to be acceptable in the workplace?

    HR established a workplace initiative a few years ago. When I contacted the head of that last spring about another incident, she heard my story, did some research, and when the facts supported me, I never heard back from her. Contacting her made things worse.

    I have had false accusations made so many times people are starting to believe them. My boss has called the police on me, lied on my evaluations, lied about people not wanting to work with me, and yet nothing is done. People have spoken to HR about this situation and supported me. Still nothing is done. I have been there 18 years and thought it a respectable state institution of higher learning.

    There is a large employee morale problem. Many staff members are being bullied and are waiting to see what happens to me. Unfortunately, even though I have a lawyer, it doesn’t look good as there are no laws protecting me. I anticipate, after 18 years, being jobless very soon.

    And yes, I did nothing wrong. My evaluations are high to exceptional. But my boss just doesn’t like me and there is nothing I can do about it. (I asked for a transfer several times to another department and it was denied by our VP – in support of my boss. I heard it was so she could learn how to manage people.)

  12. Hi
    I am not sure if you operate in Australia but having been subjected to bullying on several occasions now in the workplace am looking for a way to speak out and assist others. I am good with publuc speaking. I live in a regional area of NSW Australia where resources and support are poor. I was fortunate to be able to walk away but know many can’t.
    Am not sure if your organization can guide or assist me on this path. Happy to get any guidance.
    Kind Regards

  13. I’m so sorry to hear your going through this nightmare! I was in your shoes about a decade ago. I was on here year’s ago desperate for help and to help!
    I was on FMLA when I was fired. The very day I asked the head Dr. to help me, that I was being gravely mistreated the nasty practice administrator took Great joy in finally firing me! She toyed with me for several years before she really amped it up. Long story short…EEOC did absolutely nothing to help me! So I like you, started gaining knowledge and found this grassroots movement! We do now have a Law here in Tennessee. Unfortunately the verbiage isn’t as strong as we need but it’s a start. I’m the media coordinater here. I did a segment on the news and some radio also a local TV show etc. I also started moderating the fb page “Pass the Healthy Workplace Act in Tennessee” I’m sure those of us who are active in this grassroots movement truly believe we are helping to change the future of civility in the Workplace! I know for me, I try to educate people who are naive…like we once were, so they are not blindsided! I feel it would have helped had I known this type of abuse was so common or even existed! And how much your health can suffer if you stay and try to save your job. No job is worth what these sadistic psychopaths do to their innocent targets! My advice is to get out ASAP! Start looking for another job while you can still work!
    I hope and pray you also survive this horrific phenomenon! Those of us who have been there are definitely the best people to talk to when you need compassion and understanding! We are here for you….

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