2 comments on “Workplace Bullying Bill Approved

  1. I have experienced workplace bullying while working at several employers in the past, Wachovia Securities, Barrington, IL, AG Edwards and Sons (St Louis Mo. home office/these two companies are now one and are Wells Fargo),Walgreens,GNC, Security Finance, seems all are big companies, all in the SALES/financial/investment/retail field(note they are the ones who are currently getting rich right now, they are sociopaths, rip the public off and would do anything for a $! Pass this new law now please! Thank you to all who have worked to so hard to pass this law and please continue your efforts to protect the normal,competent and kind in this world, they deserve the best!!!

    • Thank you for your comment JoAnna. I also want to point out that education administrators are one group that has come out against the IL bill. Both the field of education and the health care industry rank right up there with a predominance of workplace bullying. A common saying in health care is that “nurses eat their young,” which refers to CNAs that are bullied by nurses.

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