2 comments on “Profound Quote

  1. While both you and the Dalai Lama make good points, I feel that you speak of two different things.

    We have, on the one hand, bullying and how to react to it: This is often a question of insecurities, anger, criticizing others for fun or relief, or similar.

    On the other: The importance of self-reflection and -knowledge; the insight (or, possibly, opinion) that a word of praise can do more than ten of criticism, when it comes to improving behaviour; the wish to avoid unnecessary conflict; …

    These are related and partially over-lapping, but not the same. In fact, someone who is a strict practioneer of the second might even consider me in error for writing this comment! I have no intention to bully you, and it is unlikely that you will consider this bullying; however, there is still a small risk that you will react with feelings of e.g. “B***y besser-wisser!”, and to some this risk outweighs the potential benefits of the comment.

    • We are all entitled to make observations/interpretations based on our own life experiences and how we see things personally. I take no offense in your interpretation – in fact, you are probably more correct than me. With that said, I doubt that the Dali Lama would argue with either of us since I am sure if he were to take the topic of workplace bullying and study it, he would find it to be a deplorable way for anyone to act.

      I appreciate your candor and your comment – thanks!

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