One comment on “More Action Needed

  1. Have been a bit out of the loop this past week, focusing on other projects and such. Anyway, consider this as an addendum to my March 18, 2010 post. I have just read in the WBI newsletter that the IL Senate passed the Healthy Workplace Bill by a vote of 35-17. It was approved on March 18th, ironically the day I made this post. I’m sure my post was not the catalyst for the Senate to approve the bill. Instead, I will, as is recognized in the WBI newsletter, bow to Jonathan Lackland and Carrie Clark for achieving the feat of taking on the anti-gay radicals and putting forth the effort needed to get the bill passed. The Senate Bill will now go to the IL House for a vote.

    Again, congrats to Jonathan and Carrie on a job well done!

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