4 comments on “Workplace Bullying Made Simple: Bullying Prevention for the Workplace

  1. This video has a lot of good information. Unfortunately, it’s advice at the end is wrong! I reported it, with documentation to my managers. They did nothing. I then reported it to HR. HR is NOT a targets friend! They are in place to protect the company, not you in this instance. They swooped down into our department and tried to make us play nice. Does not work when your bully want’s you fired and undermines, lies and mobs you. In fact after HR came in, it only got worse for me. Soon my supervisors were bullying me also. They were pissed that I put their department on the HR radar. I then reported it to the CEO. I was fired within a week with many trumped up write-ups.
    I have ALWAYS lived by the Golden Rule. It does not work with the bully.
    What needs to be done is work with legislation to pass the HWB in your state!

    • I wouldn’t say the advice is wrong completely. Even the Workplace Bullying Institute website tells targets to present the case to the employer. In fact it states “give the employer one chance.” The website recommends taking the issue to the highest level possible and to present it from the business side of the problem. Show the CEO that what they are dealing with is costing them money – that is what gets the attention of a businessman! There is no place for emotions when presenting this case – unfortunately, by the time the target realizes that this is a problem, their emotions are in overdrive. Also –

      As for HR – many people continue to make the case FOR taking the issue to HR. As you say here, Nancy, that is poor advice, but it is just that – advice. There are many sources out there that are working on trying to solve the workplace bullying issue. Unfortunately, many do not practice all of what WBI teaches. Anyone who has read any of the Doctors Namie’s works knows their feelings about HR. And anyone who has read their work knows that they preach a powerful gospel!

      Keep fighting the good fight, Nancy. Remember that we will run into many schools of thought when it comes to this issue. We should continue to fight hard for the Healthy Workplace Bill in each state. That will compel employers to take accountability for the problem. It will also force them to reconcile with themselves that targets are not causing their business to look bad and lose money.

  2. Also – I am not sure why they added the “Golden Rule” aspect to this video. I like to think that it is just general advice to treat all of the people you work with the way you wish to be treated. If they don’t reciprocate, at least you did your part to promote a positive workplace. I guess better advice in dealing with nasty people would be to “kill them with kindness?” 🙂

    Final word – this video was made by a company called TrainingABC. It looked to me like they approach their videos from a multi-national perspective, so some of their advice may be linked to what is practiced in other countries besides the US.

  3. Presumably, this video was made for purchase by companies who are taking workplace bullying seriously. Therefore, the advice to take the problem to HR or management is appropriate because the company who purchased the program is presenting it to their employees. I agree, though, that taking the problem to HR or management might not be a good idea in a company where the problem is an epidemic leading up to the top.

    Also, I believe the “Golden Rule” is appropriate advice for the same reason. The company who purchases this program wants to remind their employees that behaving in any other manner could lead them to a situation where they are disciplined or terminated. The bully may never take this advice, but in the company’s eyes they have been given notice of what is appropriate and what isn’t. Therefore, when the axe drops they have been fairly warned.

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