One comment on “Understanding and enforcing the rights of workers with disabilities |

  1. I have multiple autoimmune disorders. I was terminated approximately three months after I turned in my FMLA paperwork. I was merely asking for one day off a week, to work on my health issues. I had accrued enough paid time off and wanted to use it for this reason.(I had worked there for fifteen years). I became a target when as I became increasingly more ill. I was subsequently, bullied, mobbed, verbally abused and ostracized. The sicker I became the more intense the bullying became. I was terminated before I was done with my testing, which revealed more health issues. I have no doubt the additional stress caused by this inhumane treatment added to my declining health.To my dismay, EEOC was of no help whatsoever. Now that I KNOW…. I feel compelled to do something to help get laws passed. Hopefully,in the near future,other people won’t have to worry about how to survive this type of horrific, demented, torture at work….

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