4 comments on “Workplace Bullying on CNN

  1. Companies often do not know how to deal with the problem of an abrasive manager. Those companies that would like help might consider visiting the Boss Whispering Institute at http://www.bosswhispering.com. The so-called bully is usually clueless as to the impact of their behavior, but they can be turned around.

  2. I think children should be introduced to the affects of bullying at an early age! I run a company with my partner called Beemates, which develops interactive storybooks for children and teach children great morals.

    We have currently released a new book called Being Different, which focuses on a small bee called Bee-Different who is bullied.

    Bee-Different is different from all the other bees in Bee-Town. His Stripes are vertical instead of horizontal, his antennas are twisted instead of straight, and unlike the other bees, and Bee-Different is also allergic to pollen. He is bullied in this story by all the other bees because he allergic to pollen, and because he ‘looks different’ In this story Bee-Different manages to turn his differences into positives, as he manages to find pollen for a hive that is finding it hard to find fresh pollen to make their honey. The moral of this story is “Just because someone is different, it does not mean they are not special.”

    Children are absolutely loving the story, so we only hope they will keep this understanding with them, especially through the schooling years!

    you can see our efforts here:

  3. Bullying is for people which dont have any confidence at all, so everyone which is being bullied, always remember; They are scared of you.You have something that they dont and thats what makes them bully you.Dont let any words from bulliers affect you because they are the ones which need some confidence, not you.Be reminded of this .Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.Stop! Bully! Stop!Be safe bring protection with you at http://safekidzone.com/#!/page_home.

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