3 comments on “WBI Webinar: Being “Iced Out” at Work, July 7 | WBI

  1. I understand being iced out and social exclusion. My bully did this to me at many company events Had to be at table alone because she made sure there was NO room for me at co-workers tables. At that time I was just becoming aware of what was happening to me. Until you Drew, I did not know I was being workplace bullied. I was eventually fired for fighting back by asking HR for help. Go figger!

  2. Hi Dr. Namie,
    I can´t figure out how to join the WBI Webinar … may you´ll help me on this one; I`ld like to have your descripption on cd / dvd due to my complain towards the Danish Police Force.
    I`ve as the first in Denmark, have my case tried in a speciel place called “the Independent Policeforce handeling Civil Complains made towards Leaders – for using unessersery force, and not handling the Law correctly ( please google; den uafhængige politianklagemyndighed).
    I was as you put it “iced Out”, and I know that your describsion of how isolation, soc. exclusion, ostracism, the shunning & the unhelpful non-intervention from coworkers and other witnesses …
    Please help me … This is my `one and only chance`for telling / convincing this athorothy about the damage bullying does to a person.


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