One comment on “If a Bully or Someone Who Normally Mistreats You Starts Being Nice All of a Sudden, LOOK OUT!

  1. In my case my narc is told by her narc mother to stop because she bullies and harasses us in front of customers. Other wise we tell each other to ignore her because she can’t help it. We can’t change her from being a bullying toxic person. That’s how she is going to treat us for the rest of our life’s in the hellhole family business. And we have to help her make a living also. The grandfather and father of my husband told us when we were being bullied by his sister and her husband. That’s just family don’t pay any attention to them. To much to do and just hope they do there jobs. You are the one we expect to run the family business. If you can’t take it sell it if you can’t make a living sell it. I don’t go to work anymore because i can’t take it and told him if he dies first it will be sold no one wants to work with his niece. So he is having to teach our son who has anger problems and has quit dozens of times when he has been bullied and harassed by the evil toxic person that has been told by her mother to straighten us out. And she told her bother she didn’t know why she treats us like shit. What the hell!!

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